Renovation of our pumping station IV in Seershausen

Construction work is currently underway at pumping station IV in Seershausen to repair the concrete components, among other things.

After thorough cleaning with high-pressure water jets, the concrete is recoated. 2 pools have already been recoated, the other two pools and the inlet structures are in preparation.

The construction work is on schedule, and the onset of winter in December did not lead to any significant delays. The restart is planned for the beginning of April.



Pumping station IV was built between 1962 and 1964 and has been in operation for over 55 years. Before the repairs could begin at the end of September last year, the pumping station had to be taken out of service.

It is the third of a total of 4 pumping stations owned by the association that were due for renovation after decades of continuous use. Fundamental findings from the successful repairs to the pumping stations in Didderse and Hillerse were incorporated into the planning.

The pumping stations in the association area are supplied with treated wastewater (clear water) from the Steinhof sewage treatment plant. Then it irrigates on the fields north of Braunschweig. In the vegetation phase from March to September, digested sewage sludge is also added as fertilizer.

Pumping Station IV before renovation