Who we are

We, the Abwasserverband Braunschweig, are a water and soil association on the basis of the Water Association Law from 1991 and therefore a statutory corporation. At our high-tech wastewater treatment plant “Steinhof”, we use the latest technology to purify the waste water produced by the city of Braunschweig and a number of boroughs covered by the Gifhorn water board. The mechanically and biologically purified water is then subsequently used on agricultural areas belonging to our members.

The farmers are important partners for our association, as they are able to use purified wastewater which provides the plants with both water and important nutrients at the same time. We thereby ensure the production of food, fodder and energy plants.  Simultaneously, we develop an ecologically valuable landscape through the planting of hedges and woodland copses and thereby a linking-up of biotopes.

Our main tasks at a glance

  • wastewater purification
  • utilisation of waste water through agricultural usage and irrigation
  • utilisation of sewage sludge
  • sewer system operation
  • laboratory tests
  • biogas production through renewable raw materials


Download our current statute here

Statute from 11th February 2015 (PDF) (German)