„Garbage in the Landscape” campaign

Waste water association is involved in the “Garbage in the Landscape” campaign

54 employees of the Braunschweig wastewater association were out and about in the association’s area on March 7th to clear hedges and adjacent green areas of garbage and rubbish.

They never had to search for long. For example, a living room couch, a hatchet, a pair of sneakers and plenty of empty bottles of a well-known brand of herbal liqueur were found.
The employees collected packaging waste in bags and buckets with the help of garbage tongs; larger waste was immediately transported to the depot in Wendeburg-Ersehof in a flatbed truck. At the end of the operation, a large amount accumulated there. The 7 m3 container provided was filled to the brim. There were also various old tires. That is 3 m3 less than last year. “The fact that the number has decreased is, of course, pleasing. On the other hand, it is probably also because we regularly collect rubbish. It has now become almost a tradition for us to take part in the campaign by the waste management and employment companies in the Peine district. Nevertheless, it is always astonishing what is carelessly disposed of along the streets and paths,” says association leader Peter Edelmann.

Last year, the association reported a particularly bad case on Braunschweiger Strasse near Wipshausen. Someone had disposed of the rubble from a house renovation there. Used windows, old wood, scraps of metal fencing and chunks of concrete were found in the hedge. Unfortunately, the culprit could not be identified. “It is all the more important that we set a good example. With a bit of luck, we’ll also score points in the organizer’s competition. In any case, the environment has won through this campaign,” says managing director Dr. Franziska Gromadecki is convincing.