Employees cleaned up

„Trash in the Countryside“- campaign was well received by the workforce

Work gloves, rubbish grabs, rubbish bags, sturdy clothing, something healthy for the break and a good mood – equipped with these, more than 50 employees of the Abwasserverband Braunschweig marched through the association’s area on March 16 to collect rubbish from hedges and green verges.

From the managing director to the trainee, employees from all areas of the association were involved. The campaign focused on the areas along the B 214 from the Autohof in Schwülper to the heights of Volkse. „The employees of the external operation are on duty in the association area every day, they know their way around very well and know best where a lot of rubbish is disposed of,“ explains Dr. Franziska Gromadecki the selection of the collection area.

Employees cleaned up

In addition to a lot of packaging waste, the employees also found a considerable number of used tires, rusty scrap metal and plenty of foil. The sad highlight was the discovery of half a living room furniture: a large sofa set, various cupboards and a conspicuous lamp found their way into the container.

In the early afternoon, all participants returned to the depot in Ersehof. The 7 cubic meter container provided by the waste management and employment companies in the district of Peine was so full that the waste had to be pushed down with the help of an excavator shovel. A total of approx. 12 cubic meter of waste, including approx. 2 cubic meter of hazardous waste, was collected in this way.

Dr. Gromadecki, who collected with her group on the district road between Ersehof and Neubrück, was pleased with the great encouragement and commitment of the workforce: „An impressive day in terms of the environment, with lots of exercise in the fresh air and immediately visible success – a great one community action.”

For the second time, the Abwasserverband Braunschweig took part in the „Trash in the Landscape“ campaign. Last year, the association won second place in the “Associations/Locations” category in the organizer’s competition.